If you can’t get your Jesus on for a Sunday then you’re definitely going to struggle the rest of the week.

I don’t say that in a cheeky way but in the sense that as a Christian we are on the walk with God, being transformed, changing and becoming more like Jesus everyday. We are supposed to get our Jesus on.

Here are 3 quick things that help me get my Jesus on:

Positioning – getting in the presence of God, being in the House and getting with other believers. This is a non-negotiable for me.

Purpose – living for the cause of Christ, serving alongside others and discovering the destiny that God has for me.

Preparation – deliberately setting time aside to spend with God, reading the Word, removing distraction to make it easier to hear the voice of God.

These are my disciplines that, consistently adhered to, will over time help me get my Jesus on, keep it on and become more like Jesus. (Hopefully)

What do you do to help you get your Jesus on?

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