Excited about this new series at Xcel Church. Grace is such a hugely important and powerful aspect of the Christian faith, yet it also seems to be one of the most misunderstood and misused aspects of the Christian faith.

I need the grace of God. Every day.

How does grace look through the eyes of some of the people of the Bible? How does grace look through my eyes? I need to understand the fullness of this amazing grace that God has given which not only saves me but is equipping me for the life He wants me to live.

Too often we are great receivers of grace but not great givers of grace. We like to judge others based on their actions, while we want to be judged on our intentions. We want to pass out truth, while we are only willing to welcome grace in return.

As we journey through the Bible we may discover that God’s grace is surprising. That God’s grace is not fair. And for that we should be thankful otherwise we may have already disqualified ourselves.

I can only encourage you to be at Xcel over the next 6 weeks and discover all that the grace of God is for you. It could just change your life.

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