Heard a comment the other day about how some politicians when they sit through a 20 minute interview their aim is to just make sure that they answer the questions without really saying anything. I think we could agree that on most occasions they are doing that really well.

Political commentators would argue that that is why people like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson do so well. They have nothing to lose and are therefore more willing to say something that people will actually listen to. Even if what they say isn’t necessarily right and maybe the majority don’t always agree with them.

As Christians I think we are guilty of falling into the category of being people who speak without really saying anything. We avoid conversations so we don’t get caught into giving a comment that might polarise opinion. We keep ourselves in the safe zone when it comes to dialogue and we go through life loving Jesus but hoping no one really finds out.

I’m not advocating that we just say anything. That’s silly. We have to be measured in how we speak. We have to be truthful when we speak. We have to treat our words with care. What we must never be though is just bland. Jesus was never bland. When He spoke people listened. It provoked. It challenged. It created conversation. He spoke truth. He showed grace.

Jesus said something worth hearing. We must do the same.

Next time you find yourself in a conversation that calls for an opinion, why not give it. Not with a pointed finger in the face. I’m not meaning an ‘I told you so’ opinion but rather a well thought out point that lines up with the word of God. Do it well. Speak from your heart, from your beliefs and to be honest, worry less about what others may think.

Say something worth hearing. The alternative isn’t worth the effort.

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