‘It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!’ [Exodus 14:12]

Back then…
In those days…
When I was…

The Israelites had seen some incredible victories, the biggest of miracles in fact from their God that had brought about an eventual escape from Egypt. They had to be in no doubt that God was on their side and with them.

To walk with God is to trust God.

Think about it, they had experienced this trust thing firsthand. Yet, in hardly no time it seems like all of those incredible miracles have been forgotten. They show us how easy it can be to trust God when victories are coming but less so when things don’t continue like that, when things begin to look a little bit more edgy?

The Israelites found themselves between a host of victories and the need for one more miracle. They were somewhere between their past (Egypt) and their new God-given future (the Promised Land). Maybe very much like how we live today.

At times like these we can be quick to forget what God has done and start to give our attention to what He has not done yet. We can look back on the past and romanticise it, we can view it through our rose-tinted glasses and just think that it was all much better ‘in those days’ than it really was.

Have you ever been there as you walk with God? Miracles on one side and doubt on the other? When we are in this place it can lead us to think that, ‘back then’ was better, rather than what is in front because it’s not been sorted out as quickly and as easily as we thought it would be.

Listen to what Moses said to encourage those who genuinely wanted to walk with God but had just found themselves a little distracted by the big thing in front of them. We will all get distracted, we will have moments of doubts, sometimes we will look at what’s in front of us and forget what God has done for us in the past. So take heed to the advice and keep on walking and keep on trusting in God.

Do not be afraid.
Stand firm.
Know that the Lord will fight for you.
Be still.

For the Israelites, God brought about another victory, one more miracle. One that they could not have worked out as it involved parting the sea. And isn’t that the wonder of God? That while we walk with Him we trust, we doubt, we do well, we drift, yet through all of it, God still comes through.

To walk with God is to trust God. So keep walking and keep trusting.

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