Ask and you will receive. That’s what Jesus told us to do.

Saying something worth hearing comes from making time to listen to the one worth hearing. So go ahead, ask God to speak to You.

Maybe like me that doesn’t come naturally. It can seem somewhat awkward, perhaps a little bit fuzzy when it comes to distinguishing between what is truly Him and what is just that pepperoni pizza from last night.

Here’s what helps me.
• Turn other things off. Remove distractions.
• Open your Bible up and read it. Start in the New Testament, a Gospel or one of Paul’s letters.
• Ask God to speak to you through the verses. Ask questions of God as to whether there is something He is wanting you to learn or act upon.
• Write down what you feel God is saying. Then ask someone you respect what they think. Test it with what you know about the character of God.
• Wait. Just sit still. Learn to recognise the way God speaks to you.
• Do this on a regular basis. The relationship, like any other will get stronger over time.

Why not decide to give it a go and spend some time with God in the next 24hrs and see what happens.

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