King David knew what it was to experience anguish. In 1 Samuel 30 things are going horribly wrong, all their loved ones and belongings have been taken. Times were pretty desperate.

Two things I thought when I observed this scenario. Firstly – it’s alright to wail and weep to the point of exhaustion. Yet it doesn’t mean we stay there. In verse 6 we see a shift for David. It tells us that he even though he was distressed that he ‘strengthened himself in the Lord his God’.

Second thought – I have to know how to strengthen myself in the Lord our God. It’s my responsibility to stay strong in the Lord.

For me that means being aware, at all times, of who He is. It means positioning myself to hear the whispers from God. To learn to catch those words that bring light in to those darkest of moments.

How do you strengthen yourself?

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