Are you ready for being in God’s house tomorrow?

Are you ready for God to whisper?

Are you ready for God to speak into your heart?

Is God on your case? I have been reading (for the second time) the book by Bill Hybels called ‘The Power of a Whisper’. I am definitely challenged to put myself in the position where I hear from God. He is on my case, and I love it. I need that. A nudge from God is worth more to me than anything else.

There is no clear given way that God will speak to me. Through His written word, through the preached word, through the Holy Spirit. I have learned to just keep myself alert to hearing what He wants to say. Then having heard, I need the courage to respond.

I feel an urgency towards a greater sense of holiness. I have no clue what that means for me but I am excited. My desire is to live a life that is wholly devoted to my God, to be led by Him, guided through each day and to know His presence more. As the Apostle Paul wrote, ‘ to be filled with the fullness of God’.

What is God saying to you? How is God prompting you ? Listen, hear and have a willingness to respond. I think it will be worth it.

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