Comparison is a dangerous thing yet if we are honest we all do it. We look at how others are doing and it can go one of a number of ways…

Why aren’t they doing more? At least I’m doing more them? Why am I doing this when I could do be doing ‘that’? I’m better than this.

In Acts 6 we see the all too familiar problem of people needed to serve and serve in what could be considered a fairly menial type task. However the qualifications for such a team were quite high.

John Maxwell says that the Apostles looked for people who were…

Known from their sphere of influence
Able to serve on a team
Trusted among the people
Full of the Holy Spirit
Competent and intelligent

I am challenged to not look down on the role I get to play, after all Stephen was chosen and became a martyr, Philip was chosen and he was a great evangelist too. I wonder how God would pick me and that I actually measure up.

There is no limit to what we can do for God wherever we might be involved. Our responsibility is to keep being the kind of people that God is looking for, to stay willing and obedient, and enjoy the opportunity to serve that is right in front of us today.

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