When we start off in leadership we are often scared and excited. Our enthusiasm levels are high. God has got us involved in something and we are loving just being a part of it.

We are keen.
We are willing.
We are passionate.
We are focused.
We do not let things get in the way of what we want to see accomplished.

Then time goes by. The monotony of what we are doing starts to kick in. Enthusiasm levels drop. Passion begins to fade. We are not seeing the breakthrough we really want to see. We dodge a few meetings. We start to settle.

We lose our focus.

As a leader, you will find yourself in this position at some point in your leadership but here’s what I have learnt to do…

Acknowledge that you are a bit jaded. Look at what is happening and know where things are at. Be honest. Reflect. Gather the facts. Don’t just brush it under the carpet or just try and carry on.

Refocus. Get with yourself first. Pray for fresh vision, new ideas, creativity. Get a hold of all the different aspects of what the team should be doing and remind yourselves why you are doing it. Then get with the team and do the same thing. Sometimes a good shake off and get you re-energised.

Work on a plan. Be deliberate about what needs to be done. Get the preferred future in view. Layout the path. Clearly set expectations for the team. Work like it depends on you, pray like it depends on God.

When things aren’t going great we often reach for the quit button. Don’t. Reach for the pause button instead. Giving up rarely helps unless it’s unhealthy because of something toxic. If it’s just time taking its toll then in my experience it’s time that invested in the right things that will create some new momentum.

There are plenty of ideas out there. I’m not saying mine are right. They are just what I would do.

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