I have a simple way to counter what often happens to all those good intentions we can have that just don’t seem to last.

You know what I mean, we’ve been in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit is on our case and we make promises like, I’m going to pray more, read my Bible more, speak in tongues more, look for more opportunities to be kind, grow in God and more.

Then tomorrow comes and we don’t hit the mark. That 6am start never happened. Up too late, mislaid our Bible, people were particularly awkward. It was not a good day.

Here’s my simple approach. It’s helped me when I’ve had one of ‘those days’.

Take 5.

Take 5 minutes to read your Bible.
Take 5 people you can think about and ask God to be with them, help them and bless them.
Take 5 minutes to speak in tongues.
Take 5 minutes and do something for someone else.

We over estimate what we can actually do. We justify our not doing anything because we can’t spend enough time on it. ‘If I can’t do it to this level then why even bother?’

Take 5 minutes.

You will be surprised by the difference that it makes and it won’t be long before you find yourself taking 10 minutes, then 15 and so on.

[I’d love to hear from you if you do something different to help you keep doing these things].

One thought on “Take 5

  1. Thanks Julian. Really helpful especially this time of year when everything seems to be so busy. We need practical stuff that is achievable

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