If you google that question you’ll discover a whole bunch of articles that provide a big list of ideas…

…look after yourself
…work hard
…sleep well
…don’t spend more than you earn
…keep learning

Nothing wrong with all these thoughts but maybe from a Christian perspective there are a number of other things that make for a wonderful life.

So what would you say makes your life wonderful? Don’t just say ‘Jesus’, I kind of take that as a given for us as Christians but what other things would you add?

Leave a comment….thanks

5 thoughts on “What Makes A Wonderful Life?

  1. Love. also it s a big thing in your life!And you have to accept..and when you accepted….your life its gonna be change totally…sorry my english. haha

  2. Family. So precious. Especially the gift of grandchildren. You get to have another go at child rearing with the hindsight of age and experience. All the fun without the stress. Then when you are tired you can hand them back to Mum and Dad!

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