My last post talked about leadership growing pains. I shared my experience and some things that can help you. I missed one vital ingredient.

When we feel that we have reached our limit or that our head keeps hitting the ceiling of our own capabilities then as a Christian leader we need to have an understanding that there is another way to breakthrough the barrier. It involves us stressing less, it involves not just endeavouring in our strength to increase our capability and our capacity.

Instead it may involve us getting out of the way.

It may involve us working like it depends on us but praying like it depends on God.

It’s not about running faster on the hamster wheel of busyness or trying to work smarter. Instead it’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to break that ceiling. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in to all truth. When we struggle for answers, the Holy Spirit can impart wisdom. When get stuck at a leadership roadblock, it’s the Holy Spirit that can help navigate the journey.

God can do in 5 minutes by the power of the Holy Spirit something that may just kill us off if we only try doing it for ourselves.

We must be leaders who pray, read, learn, think, question.

But…above all these, we must be leaders who ask the Holy Spirit to lead us as leaders, to impart wisdom, to help us solve those knotty problems, to break the ceiling on our leadership.

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