Over the last couple weeks I have had the privilege of asking 5 simple questions to a bunch of young leaders. Thought I would share them with you.

Leadership is about more than the task you have been given responsibility for. It’s about who you are becoming, the person you are while you are doing what you do.

We are leaders. More than that, we are spiritual leaders so the questions reflect this…

What have you been learning?
What is challenging you at the moment/where is the stretch?
Where do you still need to improve?
What is God saying to you?
Who do you have in your world who will pray with you?

Leadership is a balance of getting things done and knowing what it is that God wants you to do. Sometimes we focus too much on the former and not enough on the latter. When that happens we are in danger of getting out of focus, which can become leading for the sake of doing and that can be overwhelming.

Read back on my previous posts and you will discover that as much as I talk about the good characteristics of a leader I advocate more the growth of spiritual leadership.

Hope that helps. What questions do you ask of yourself to help you reflect on your leadership?

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