Heard someone say on Sunday that the most valuable gift you can give someone this Christmas and any other time for that matter – is YOU! I agree, but I’ll be honest and admit that I am not very good at it.

We hold back though because we don’t have a true understanding of our value. We have been bought for a great price, we have been made clean, all those tarnishes that could have caused a devaluation have been dealt with. We have been completely restored.

The challenge is live the life that matches that truth. Maybe we sometime refuse to believe it, almost causing some cracks ourselves, just to keep us grounded. It doesn’t feel right to not have any hurt, yet that is the life that Jesus came to give us.

He took on all our impurities and in doing so made us pure.

He took on our all constraints and in doing so set us free.

He laid aside His life so that we could have life and life in all it’s fullness.

This Christmas lets choose to remind ourselves of 2 incredible things…

The greatest gift you can give to someone is YOU. And the reason you can do that is because the greatest gift of salvation, new life and freedom in Christ was given to you. Jesus gave his life so that we can give ours. At Christmas time lets make the effort to do this as often as we can.

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