Heard a story this morning about a little boy who upon reading the Christmas story was concerned by the swear words in it. The teacher was bemused by the comment and asked which words did he think were swearing. ‘Jesus Christ’ came the reply.

It’s an interesting story that maybe represents the culture of the day where the name of Jesus is known more as a word used when we are frustrated or angry than as the baby born to save the world.

How you use the name of Jesus? how do you see him?

I challenge you this Christmas to have a fresh look at the person of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to do some digging for yourself, read the Gospels in the Bible and discover the truth about Jesus and how he so much more than a swear word.

He is your Saviour.
He wants to be your friend.
He will always be with you.
He is alive.
He came that you and I could be restored in relationship with God.

Let this Christmas be the one where you find out that it’s about more than presents, food and beer. It’s about the joy of a baby born into our world to save it. Knowing the real Jesus might just change your life forever.

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