A new year offers a fresh start for many. We say goodbye to the old year and welcome a new one with heighten expectation and hope for good things.

In reality, nothing has changed, except for maybe our attitude towards what’s happening.

We make resolutions. We come up with some goals to aid our focus. I have been a long time advocate for doing this, without a sense of purpose, writing some stuff down, creating a little focus, then we often don’t achieve all that we could.

What will you go for in 2015? What will work hard to see accomplished?

In the midst of all your personal health and wealth goals, and everything that many others may say is important, I would encourage you to…

1. Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you.

2. Protect your time with God. Do all you can to keep your walk with God as strong as possible.

3. Read your Bible – everyday.

4. Grab a hold of a scripture for 2015 and don’t let go of it. Speak it prophetically over your future, your life, your family, and your home.

What do you think? What is God saying to you about this next 12 months.

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