I count it an absolute privilege to get to do what I do. I thank God for entrusting me to a role and allowing me to put to use all that He has gifted me with.

My prayer therefore has to be something like this, ‘Help me Jesus to do this leadership thing right’.

Bearing all this in mind my leadership focus for 2015 is quite simple…

I want to be a leader who serves others better.

I have talked about this before. Too often I can get caught up in the doing and being of leadership. All that stuff is important and needs to be done but not at the expense of others, people, connection, reaching out, helping, caring, listening, opening my world and serving.

What will be your leadership focus for 2015?

2 thoughts on “My Leadership for 2015

  1. 2015 for me is to stop focusing on me ( it’s too easy to turn the focus on yourself when you are going through a tough season) but to be more aware of turning that focus onto the people I connect with in my everyday life, Church life & Church family,
    I want God to show me the other gifts he has placed in me so they can be used to grow and help others as I know there’s more to come.
    I am also believing for massive growth in our Darlington service and the other locations , I am excited for this year God has amazing things ahead for us I don’t know what but I can just feel it in my spirit as I write this.

    Amazing times ahead Xcel Church.

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