Make 2015 the year of loving the little. Learn to find significance and importance in the small.

Leonard Sweet writes in his book 11 that ‘life is all about the small things and small spaces – of time, of relationships, of self – and filling the small with a large live for God, neighbour and creation’.

We are quick sometimes to dismiss the small in search of the big. Maybe we miss the way that God often works as He makes something big out of the small we can give.

We may feel that we don’t have much to offer but that doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t let that be an excuse for doing nothing.

Show some kindness.
Say thank you to someone who serves you.
Give way to others.
Encourage those around you.
Put the bin out for your neighbour.

Think of one thing to do each week and then do it.

What would you suggest?

2 thoughts on “Love The Little

    1. Thats so true. Thanks for adding to the list. Perhaps we just need to stop being in such a hurry to get to the next thing and slow down a bit so we notice the people around us and give them some attention.

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