This week in Church we will be talking about how we become a better resource to others. That as both individuals and as a body of believers we need to be resource centres. As I have been thinking about his I am mindful that God brings resource IN, not so that I will hoard it away, just in case there is a rainy day, but that I will allow God to get that resource OUT.

One key aspect for me in becoming a better conduit of resource is in a better, healthier, stronger walk with God. In knowing Him and His voice then I am well-positioned to be used by God, to be a resource centre. He will bring the resource In because He knows that I will be willing and obedient to pass the resource on.

Here’s the final posts from last year tagged ‘Walking with God’. Thanks for reading.

When It Looks Wrong, It Might Be Right

God Is Walking With You


Trusting God

Strengthen Yourself

Reflective Moments

I pray that you have been encouraged by these words and that 2015 is your best year yet when it come to walking with God.

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