Encouraged from today and the response to the messages spoken around the thoughts of us being a resource centre.

As the people of God, we should be the ones who those we work with are coming to for an answer. Why? We have access to a resource they do not.

As the people God, we may be comfortable in being a resource in one area but what about all the other gems we are keeping safely to one side, unwilling to share. Every part of who we are is worth something and is an available resource for God.

As the people of God we are part of His church, the hope of the world. We are privileged to play our part by bringing our resource in and allowing it to be put to use.

How can we be a better resource this week?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts From Today: Ready to Resource

  1. That’s great stuff. What about when people who do have resources go out and use them, & then people (who should know better) are completely dismissive of said resources. So people might as well go & keep them safely to one side, hiding them because they aren’t appreciated (certainly in the context you are describing). The brave people are the ones who go out, play their part by bringing their resource in and allowing it to be put to use, regardless what people think of their resources.

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