Right now I am reading the New Testament and making notes along the way, some thoughts and ideas about what can help me walk with God better. The right attitude, a change in behaviour, some new way of thinking, a reminder of a truth. I like to read the Bible with this sense of purpose, it helps notice things.

Why do this?

I want my walk with God to continue and I want it to continue well. Some might argue it’s not that simple but surely it is. If my walk with God is strong and healthy then I reckon my life will be strong and healthy.

I will continue to share some thoughts along the way. I’m not an expert, just on the same journey as every other Christian so, maybe you could leave a comment or two along the way as well. Then we learn from each other.

What do you do to keep your walk with God strong? 

2 thoughts on “A Continued Journey of Walking

  1. I keep my Walk God strong by spending time with him and building up the relationship , talking to God , reading his word and being planted in my local church.
    Having a mentor also I find helps me and keeping a journal

  2. I try to be open to God each and every day. I try to feel His love for me and all those around me, to hear what He needs me to hear – not just from Him, but from the people I interact with each day, and to see what He would have me see…

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