I want to be someone who brings people in to church but also someone who helps those already in to grow and flourish.

Paul encouraged the Christians at Corinth to ‘imitate me’. Not because he had an ego that needed to be fed. His command was that they imitate him because he lived his life imitating Christ.

Don’t know about you but that verse in 1 Corinthians 11:1 always challenges me. It always makes me question myself – can I confidently say the same? How much like Jesus am I?

To imitate another you need to be close to them, pay attention to them, give time to studying the original.

Instead of putting all the effort into imitating Christ lets just do something that will help this to happen. Maybe our attention should be focused on our walk with God. Let’s get connected to the source and then work hard to stay connected and keep it healthy too.

We can only reproduce who we are and all that we are is a result of knowing and walking with Christ. If we walk with Christ, paying attention to what He says and how He did things, then we can become more like Him and find ourselves better placed to say to others – imitate me, as I imitate Christ.

My prayer. Lord, help me to stay connected to you, to walk closely with you, for Your Holy Spirit to help me as I commit to this. I want to be more like You so I can confidently tell others to imitate me as I imitate Jesus Christ. Amen

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