Unbelievable. It’s the last day of January. With the risk of sounding old ~ where did that month go?

Time can only pass by. We can’t go back. We can’t pause it. As much as is possible, we have to make best use of it.

Have I managed to do that? On reflection how many days have I lived from a true sense of my calling, lived in the confidence of who I am in Christ, lived on purpose for a purpose?

How much time have I wasted? How much have I allowed to pass me by, without a thought for God, for my Saviour, just mostly about me?

My walk with God is my walk. I could point the finger at how others are doing and give an opinion but the only walk I’ll have to give an account for is mine.

So out of one month and into the next. Sorry God for not always paying attention. Sorry for missing some things. Sorry for so often making it about me. Thank you for the many blessings that have come my way ~ physically, spiritually and financially. For my family, for where you have placed me, for being able to use my gifts and talents to help build your church.

What about you? How would you reflect on how your walk with God has gone during this first month of 2015?

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