Leadership is challenging. It never stays the same.

One thing that I have discovered since my first leadership steps in 1989 is the ability to self-evaluate. To do it often and to be as honest as possible. If I can’t be honest with myself then what kind of leader will I really make.

In regard to the growth of all aspects of my leadership I have always worked hard to keep learning. To remain flexible and teachable. I am worried that as soon as I think I have arrived I will be become outdated.

Here is how it works for me:

Whatever the area of challenge, I choose to not see it as a failure but rather as an opportunity to learn. Where am I now, where do I want to be, what’s it going to take to get me there?

Leadership is not a competition. The only person to measure myself against is the person I use to be or want to be. If I score my attitude as a leader as 5 out 10 that’s not right or wrong, it’s just my own self-evaluation. The number is irrelevant really (unless I give yourself a 10/10 which in my opinion would be somewhat arrogant. There is always room for improvement). The main purpose behind such an exercise is identify where things need work and then decide I am going to respond.

We shouldn’t be scared of this, avoid this but welcome it. It’s all part of the leadership journey and becoming a better leader.


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