“Don’t be flip with the sacred. Banter and silliness give no honour to God. Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans. In trying to be relevant, you’re only being cute and inviting sacrilege. (‭Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭6‬ MSG)

We spend a lot of energy trying to be relevant, working hard to stay current and if we can do it looking cool, then that’s even better. When I saw a picture of me from when I was a young leader at age 19, I kind of cringe. Who did I think I was?

Image. Style. Banter. Fun. Being cool. If we are honest, these are powerful drivers for us all and that’s not just when we are younger. We don’t want to be ‘out of date’, we don’t want to ‘not know’ what’s happening or feel like we are ‘behind the times’.

To remain in the ‘in crowd’ we perhaps fuzzy the edges of our faith. We maybe let things slide, after all there’s no real harm done. We don’t really mean it. I just don’t want to be thought of as ‘too spiritual’ and incapable of having some fun.

Definitely been there. Trying hard to not go back there.

If and when I do, I am thankful for the Word of God that reminds me that walking with God is not something to handle so carelessly.

Walking with God is to be taken seriously. Not with intensity or in a boring way, but with reverence, honour and the utmost regard to our Saviour Jesus.

I have found there is always the need for a quick check up. Am I being flip about my relationship with Jesus? Am I avoiding unnecessary banter and silliness that doesn’t honour God? Am I just using quips to convince people I know God or do I really know Him?

It’s a fine line but my walk with Jesus is worth more to me for it to just be some cute thing I do. I want it to change my life, every day and I want to see other peoples lives changed by it too.

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