Before is often the more exciting.

In a relationship, BEFORE is when the chase is on.

In a business, BEFORE is the idea creation moments.

In sport, BEFORE is the heightened anticipation ahead of the game and the expectation of a win.

In leadership, BEFORE is in the desire, ambition, creativity, thinking and the thrill of being the one who is making things happen.

We love the BEFORE. It gets our energy, our attention and our time. It can inconvenience us, it might even keep us awake at night, but the experience, though scary at times, makes it all the more worthwhile.

Yet the power might really be in the AFTER.

In a relationship, AFTER is when we choose to love because of covenant.

In business, AFTER is serving your customers well, again and again and again.

In sport, AFTER is picking yourself up, whether you win, lose or draw.

In leadership, AFTER is being the last one to leave because you are there to serve, no matter what.

The difference between good and great leaders is the difference between those who love the before but avoid the after. Great leaders love before and after the same and their focus throughout the whole process clearly demonstrates that.

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