Your cleansed and grateful life will bear witness to what I have done. [Matthew 8:4]

Maybe I try too hard.

Maybe I feel that big is better when it comes to God.

Maybe I make it too much about me.

Walking with God is about putting my life on show bearing witness to all that He has done for me. Nothing speaks louder that a cleaned up life, a life filled with thankfulness, a life that recognises all that God has done.

I am learning that simple is always the best and most effective way she it comes to my relationship with God. In light of this verse I wonder if my life is such a life? How about yours?

One thought on “A Cleansed and Grateful Life

  1. Enjoyed reading this reminder as the opposite to being grateful is un grateful and complaining . If we are complaining all the time then it’s certainly not a good witness,
    Especially in our place of work I find it’s really important to stand out for having a grateful attitude.

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