This is my question as I reflect on the series that has just been preached at Xcel.

Believing in God brings me into a whole new world, a wide-open spacious life so the simplest of questions to ask myself is this ‘Am I REALLY living a wide-open life?’

Are we truly aware of what it means to live in the freedom that Christ won for us. I’m not sure I am. I think I am but with all the other influences in my world it’s difficult to tell. I am a believer who needs to live like I am believer. Not that I am not, it just might not be as much as it could be.

I cannot afford to live in the smallness of my own thinking, within the limits of what I know or even my experiences. It’s too easy to put constraints on myself and perhaps more dangerously it’s all too easy to put constraints on what God can do. Isn’t that the reason why Paul pleads for the Christians at Corinth to live in the wide-open spacious life due to it being the best place to live from.

I’m very aware at the moment that God is taking me on a journey and I am excited by it because it’s about knowing God better, knowing who I am in Christ better, exploring the wide-open spacious life and enjoying the adventure.

This is just me. What’s your refection?

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