It’s been a fantastic day in church. I enjoyed listening to some different voices and hearing how God wants them to live their own individual wide-open spacious life. It’s exciting and a privilege to be let in on the journey that God is taking people on.

And so, now for another week. We make our plans but God ordains the steps.

Another full week is ahead with a variety of things to focus my attention on. As we head towards the biggest weekend in our church calendar focus is the key. We will work like it depends on us but we will pray like it depends on God.

Preparation for Influence Conference is well underway yet the finishing touches always require the greatest effort. I can only encourage you to come and be with us along with our speakers Canon J John, Pastor Ray Bevan and Pastor Simon McIntyre.

Add to that the ongoing conversations about the Xcel 2020 vision and the strategy that goes with it, prayer and team meetings, clarifying details for some short-term mission trips and some general catch ups and other pastoral issues – it’s another full week.

Focus is a key ingredient. Prayer is the essential one. Whatever you are doing this week don’t forget – focus and prayer. Have a great week.

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