Prayer is a huge and sensitive aspect of the Christian faith. I don’t think prayer is easy to understand. It’s easy to pray for stuff, to pray for some wants, to even pray with real faith. In my experience of believing for God to do anything in my life, be that healing, a change in circumstances, something practical, guidance in decisions, problem solving, for the kids, miracles of all kinds, this is what I have discovered.

Pray. Not just once or twice but always. Have an attitude of prayer and keep praying. We don’t get because we don’t ask. God is more than able but rarely barges in, He longs to be invited, as we pray ‘Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven’. We pray, we ask, we intercede, we get on bended knee, and we don’t move until we have our answer.

Expect. If we don’t think God is able then why bother to pray. For me, to expect is to have faith. To expect is to be waiting, with a confidence that an answer will come. Both praying to God without expectation or to expecting God to move without a willingness to pray may be considered a faithless act.

Pray & expect. Then allow God to be God. His answer may not be my answer. His ways may not be the way of my choosing. I have to learn to accept the mystery that is God otherwise my frustration in not getting what ‘I want’ may cause me to miss out on what God ‘is giving’.

Maybe this is a simplistic view of prayer but that doesn’t bother me, it’s just my view. I pray, I expect in faith for an answer and then I allow God to bring His reply.

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