Here are my quick notes from a great first session with Canon J John. Incredible night. Here’s some of the key things I picked up…

God will remind us of something we already know, reinforce and ink a truth, or reveal something new. 

We look up at the cross, Jesus looked down. His view was different. Help me to see what you see about me. Perspective. 

We were all worth saving. Means we are all valuable. No matter how scrunched up or messed up we were worth saving. Precious. 

Circumstances are like a mattress. On top is really comfy, under them you suffocate. 

Have a sense of belief in God. Take the mustard seed sized faith and plant it in God. Positive. 

On our own we are incredibly fragile but together we are more powerful. Partnership with His body. 

We can be restricted by the environments we put ourselves in.  

What is my capacity? Is there more? We want to reach the potential you have put within us. 

Provision. God owns all the doughnuts. 

We are just guardians of time, of talent and treasure. It’s Yours Lord. Help me to use it wisely.

Ready for the rest of the weekend now…

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