Listening to Pastor Ray Bevan this morning…

We need to recapture the wonder of the Gospel.

You don’t leave the presence of God the same way you came in. 

Luke 18:35-43 ~ Time to silence the bullies:

Self righteous call out for Jesus of Nazareth while the sick call out for Son of David. Self righteous cry out for credit not mercy. 

To you Jesus is just from Nazareth but for Bartimaeus Jesus was the Son of David. The one who could heal him and the world. 

Christian is not a sacrifice we make but a sacrifice we trust. 

We are not called to plant fruit. Repentance is a fruit. Holiness is a fruit. The goodness of God leads to repentance. Grace of God leads us to ungodliness. 

We are living under a new covenant that says ‘done’. Not under the old one that says ‘do’. Old covenant was conditional ‘if my people’ while Jesus said ‘it is finished’.

Rev 4:2-3
We don’t live under half a rainbow. Jesus has completed the rainbow. We live under a full rainbow. It’s not ‘if my people’ now it’s ‘only believe’. 

Now it’s ‘walk with me (Jesus)’ Matthew 11:28

It’s not how good you are at Spiritual disciplines but how could you are at trusting Jesus. 

Christians are so afraid of sin. Our focus should be on the finished work of Christ. Where sin abounds grace abounds much more. 

Old covenant is when clean touched unclean then clean becomes unclean. New covenant is when clean touches unclean then unclean becomes clean. 

Grace of God operates in the darkest of places. 

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