Great session from Pastor Simon McIntyre of C3 Church in London..

We have no patent on the word new
We suffer from historical blindness ~ we don’t learn quickly enough from the past. 

Never disconnect your humanity from your faith. 

John 17:14-17

I want to be famous – one of the worst goals you can have for your life. Fame and fortune will always corrupt. 

Once Jesus drops out of the conversation they are away from God. It’s inconvenient to the culture. When you say Jesus you are saying Lord. 

If we become well known, all well and good. If we don’t become known, all well and good. 

Create a clear boundary line between being a disciple of Jesus and a follower. It needs to be in our behaviour not our belief. 

You don’t attend a body, you are joined to the body. Your once a month will become your child’s once a month will become your grandchildrens never. 

What do you make Lord? Your children’s progress or Jesus? Get to church. We need renewing in God’s presence. 

There is a moral laxity in our churches but we mustn’t drive people to the cross. Holiness needs to be beautiful. 

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