Whether you were at one session or the whole Conference, why not share one thing that really spoke to you, challenged you or maybe you got a healing or a miracle in the meetings. 

Personally I always find it important to look back and see what God is doing or saying. 

Leave a comment and share your story right here…

4 thoughts on “Influence Reflection

  1. It’s simple. We can get bigger down with rules and formulas of how to live life as Christians, but is so simple. 3 steps of j john. Ray bevan showed how simple faith can yield great results. It’s simple. We can make it so complicated.

  2. For too many reasons to mention, I was really challenged on Ray Bevan’s take on preaching grace only. Then watching JJohn communicate the gospel so beautifully & seeing people respond to that on Sunday was just breathtaking. I was reminded that preaching Jesus is always enough & that whatever twist or take, series or theme, it should always come back to Jesus, back to grace & back to that invitation to us all to follow Him.

  3. How can I put into words everything I gained from influence 2015?
    Firstly I was soooo impacted by the teaching we received . Ray Bevan., J John were world class in my opinion and of course our John and his great preach on getting through the first 20 mins!
    I felt replenished , challenged and equipped to go forward in a better understanding of Grace and the Gospel!
    And I laughed and laughed which is good medicine to the soul.
    More than anything I loved serving with a team of people and I feel blessed to experience the heartbeat of Xcel ! It’s helped my attitude and I feel humbled
    Thank you to everyone for everything
    Can’t wait for next year 🙂

  4. J johns preach Friday night when he spoke about provision, we are guardians of time, talent and treasure, we only have enough time to do the will of God and if we are saying we don’t have enought time then that means we are not doing the will of God ! that we need to WALK with God and only run to the Prodicals.
    Wow what a reality check when he said we only have time to do the will of God !
    What am I doing with the time He has given me ? I start off well of course it’s Monday but by the end of the day/week how much of it has been my will and not Gods.
    As I write this I am reflecting on today thinking how much has Gods I have do today..
    Time for Me to start to my every days so different, no excuses it’s because I get up so early and just Run into the Day .
    it’s time for Me to just WALK with God even if it’s 5.30am in the morning Iand I haven’t had much sleep, get ready and rush to work . Don’t get me wrong I do pray in the spirit every day and spend time in worship on the way to work but then the Running Shoes are on full speed ahead and before you know it I am doing Sharon’s will without even realising.
    I hope me being honest and open will help others in the same place…
    Ray Bevan was also amazing just so much to reflect on Sunday night when he spoke about the wonders and that Jesus doesn’t turn up when it is difficult but when it is imposible and that we look down at what we have not and not what Jesus can do, just the way he preached this message just flicked the switch in my understanding again..

    Fantastic conference, amazing team spirit with everyone working together as one, can’t wait to see what God has up his sleeves for the future as a church and for my own Life ..

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