There is a vision to be gone after. It’s big enough for everyone to be a part of. There is room enough for all of us to flourish. Yet it just doesn’t seem to be happening. It doesn’t seem to be getting any closer.

Question: what are we bringing to the table? How are we adding value? What is our contribution to make the picture complete?

It’s not always about having a stated role. In fact in most case it’s not about title. What’s my role is less about title and more about the person I am. It’s not enough to just make up the numbers. Maybe my role to aid the vision is about WHO I AM when I show up.






A willingness to work

Able to lead and when needed, to be led



Less fussiness on my part



These are choice on my part. However, my desire for ‘a role’ can often get in the way of me just being a person God can use to get ‘whatever’ needs doing, done. Am I fulfilling my role? Am I bringing the right kind of character to the table?

What would you say that you bring?

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