Margin. Down time. Relaxation. Time to refresh. Me time. Whatever it’s called we need it. 

Saturday for me is usually that day. Time with the family. Get some of those household jobs done, bit of reading, watch the rugby. I might even get the grass cut if the sun keeps shining (maybe not). 

Resting and refreshing our soul is vital. In resting we are rejuvenated. In stepping back for a moment we can get realigned for stepping back in. 

So slow down. Make some space. And relax. If we ignore it we risk burnout and exhaustion. 

The bonus for me is that it prepares me for a Sunday. I enter His courts ready to praise. I enter His courts fully rested, a good nights sleep and the better for it. I enter His courts in the right frame of mind to give God my full attention. I enter His courts ready and prepared to worship and to bring the right message (if I’m preaching). 

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