So we are continuing the God is… series at Xcel Church and we need your help. 

We are spending a little time unpacking aspects of the character and nature of God – that He is good and great, that He is my Father, that He is love, that He is with me and that God is holy. 

Preaching a series like this can bring moments of revelation which can change our view of God forever. 

Preaching a series like this can answer some of those tricky questions but can also bring more to our mind. 

Well, as a team we want to do our best to help you so tell us your question and then as part of UNITED on 29th March the panel can discuss it. 

Don’t be shy ~ leave a question as a comment. 

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Question?

  1. If you asked most people what God is they would answer God is Love. I guess not many would say God is alive. To me it is very important to believe that all things are possible because God is alive and he loves me.

  2. You said on Sunday if we imagine God as a circle that represents everything there is not know about God. If we sectioned off a small part of the circle then that represents what we know about him. Apart from reading our bible and praying are there any specific tips on how we can experience a revelation of another aspect of God.

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