I have recently spent time inviting some young leaders into my world and what I am often surrounded by…IDEAS. There is not a shortage of ideas when the Vision Team for Xcel Church get together. Leaders need to learn about the journey an idea may have to travel.

Here are some thoughts about ideas…

1. Ideas are not difficult to come up with

2. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it should be done

3. Ideas deserve to be challenged to help make them the best they can be

4. Ideas need to go through a process to answer some important questions…

  • Is it feasible? Do we have what it takes to do this?
  • Is it sustainable? Can it last?
  • If we didn’t do use resource on this idea what could we do instead?
  • Is it attached to the vision? Does it fit?

5. Don’t hold on to your idea so tightly that it will be too painful if it isn’t adopted

6. Above all – keep having them

What are your thoughts about the idea creation process?



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