Back in 2009 I posted with the same title, you can read it here. It was very much about getting things done, what to focus on and what to avoid.

The phrase has recently come back to mind but now more than ever in relation to people, circumstances and how we walk through them as Christians.

Too often we lean in to things that will not help and back off from the things that will and by default, end up doing nothing. 

Lean in. To God. To His word. To His family. Lean in by faith to all that you know is true. Don’t back off from these things for ‘time’ to sort things out. 

Back off. From unbelief. From listening to the wrong voices. From becoming isolated. From sorting it yourself. 

Don’t do nothing. Be busy about the right things. Don’t let go of your faith but hold on to it. Personally I am an advocate for serving your way out of some troubles. 

It’s easier to act your way into feelings rather than feel your way into action.

Too often our default is to do nothing and then become angry that nothing has changed. 

When we are waiting for a change, responding to a word, feeling flat or out of sorts let’s be people who lean in to God, back off from wrong thinking and definitely don’t do nothing. 

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Lean In, Back Off but Don’t Do Nothing

  1. It’s like…….Babe Ruth coming to bat in the 9th inning knowing his team is behind one run but deciding to hold back to make sure he didn’t strike out…..instead, he would swing for the fence! Good read!

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