In a conversation about the blog today I mentioned that one of the main reasons for writing it was because I want to write a book.

I have read that if you aspire to such a goal then a good thing to do is to commit to write every day. Sometimes it will be nothing special but that’s alright as it’s about finding your style, your voice and your theme.

Through this conversation one of my beautiful daughters cuts in, ‘Oh you talk about this all the time. Stop talking about doing it and do it’. 

And there’s the truth. No more excuses. It’s time to stop talking and get on with it.

What have you stopped talking about & gone and done? On the otherside, like me, what do you need to stop procrastinating about and get moving on?

Here’s my statement of intent: I want write 2 books for now ~ Walking with God devotional & a Leadership book too.

Leave your statement of intent…


One thought on “Stop Talking About It & Just Do It

  1. A dog chasing his tail show more commitment than the “I want to’s” we tell ourselves. Your daughter is right, ‘do it’! Take that first step, you’ll be glad you did! Best of Luck!

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