When chatting with someone today about life we reminded each other about the adage that Pastor Mark Batterson wrote in The Circle Maker…

Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you. 

Too many people just pray & ask God for an answer but put no effort in themselves. I think God is probably encouraging any in that group to get off their glorious behind and put some effort in. They pray hard but are lazy in the doing. 

On the otherside are those who put all their effort into working as hard as they can to solve a challenge themselves. They work hard but they don’t pray. 

We need to people who do both. Work hard. Pray hard. That’s an attitude and lifestyle that God can use, can bless. 

I wonder what would happen to us if we took on this attitude as a challenge for life. 

What do you need to pray about like it depends on God and work on like it depends on you?

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