A person like Pamela Greenow, who went to be with the Lord this week, is an inspiration. Such individuals don’t come along often enough. When you read the tributes across social media you get an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation for someone whose greatest desire was to help people meet Jesus and live out their lives with Him at the centre.

Her love for God, her encouragement towards everyone, her prayers, her awareness of what God was saying, her ability to correct, her generosity, her compassion and care for people are just some of the things mentioned by others. 

Most of all we remember her faith. At all times her faith mattered most. Knowing Jesus was her life. Knowing Jesus very much came across as the most important thing to her. 

One life can make a difference. The legacy of living life in this manner can be seen across the world today in the lives of countless individuals who were touched by hers. People living for God, helping lead churches, reaching beyond themselves and making a difference in other people’s lives. 

The legacy of empowering the next generation, of creating opportunity for us to have a go and just seeing what might happen, has begun something that is now impacting so many more. 

One persons life can make a difference and we are thankful for it. I am in no doubt that Pamela will have heard the words ‘Well done good and faithful servant’ upon her arrival into heaven. Pamela was a disciple of Jesus living out the command to be a maker of disciples, who now themselves are making disciples. That’s the best legacy of all. 

Thank you for being the best you, a God-given gift to all those who happened across your path, whether just for a moment or for longer. We count it a privilege to have known you, we shall miss you but look forward to seeing you again when we too head for glory and eternity with our Saviour. 

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