Driving on the motorway during the last 24hrs and I noticed the sign ‘Keep Your Distance’. 

It’s there as a warning, it’s there to protect. If you drive too close to the car in front then you are placing yourself in unnecessary danger. If that car in front happens to stop suddenly then you are more than likely to smash into the back of them. 

It’s good advice. Yet it seems that an awful lots of drivers seem to ignore it. 

When I read the Bible I see the same sign. ‘Keep Your Distance’. There are some things according to Gods word that are good for me to avoid. Not because God is some kind of cosmic killjoy but rather as a protection for me, so I don’t get hurt. He knows what is best for me and what will help me to flourish. 

Keep your distance from…Gossip. Slander. Anger. Idolatry. Sexual immorality. Envy. Jealousy. Bitterness. Unforgiveness. Lust. Deceit. Wrongdoing. Taking advantage of another. Hatred. Selfish ambitions. Dissention. Heresy. Murder. Drunkenness. 

Instead keep close to those things that will bring Gods gifts into your life. Affection for others. Exuberance for life. Serenity. Sticking with things. Compassion in the heart. Basic holiness. Loyal commitments. Directing our energies wisely. [Galatians‬ ‭5‬:‭22-23‬ MSG]

I am challenged today ~ what am I running to and from? Am I keeping my distance from the right things? Am I staying close to those things which are better for me and that will cause me to flourish in the things of God?

What about you?

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