We can exert a lot of energy towards some activities that, to be fair, will make little or no difference in this world. It certainly won’t make a difference in an eternal sense. 

I’m as guilty as the next person in filling life with a whole bunch of incidentals. So recently I made a change and set myself up to pray for people represented by the names given me in response to a message I preached about reaching out. 

Prayer makes a difference. The prayer of the righteous makes a difference. We don’t always see it but by faith we understand that God is answering and moving. 

Prayer makes a difference in people’s hearts. That they would be healed, be open to receive the good news of Jesus, to be changed. 

Prayer deals with the roots that have grown in people’s lives. Roots of the past. Of bitterness. Of pain. Of hurt. Of unforgiveness. 

Prayer brings breakthroughs. For those who are stuck, those who need to see a change, for the situations that even those closest to them are unaware of but God knows about. 

Prayer makes a difference in its power to loosen the hold things have on people. 

Prayer makes a difference to me, in my heart. As a I have spent time praying salvation over 200 names my heart for the lost has expanded. My heart has grown expectant for all that only God can do. 

Prayer makes a difference so I’m putting my energy in to it. And just for the record, 7 people became Christians on Sunday. May not have been my prayers specifically but I’m thanking God anyway. 

One thought on “Make A Difference

  1. Yes, I am convinced that if we all got more serious and intentional about prayer, believing in an amazing God who is capable of anything, we would see far more answers to our prayers. It’s crazy we have free and ready access to the Almighty, and we somehow just don’t get round to using it! Madness.

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