You are.

Stop trying to be someone else. The world needs you.

Your original gifts, talents, performance, quirks and all. Don’t fight the originality. Don’t settle for being a copy. Stick with the God who made you you and allow Him to bring to the foreground those  original aspects of you that others need to ‘bump’ in to.

Go for the original plan. Let’s not just make do but instead be people who make the most of this life we have been gifted.

Think some original thoughts. Make time to hear from God who has a Word just for you.

Contribute in an original way. Pick up the dreams and begin to go after them again.

Live life with your original God. Reconnect with Him and all that He has laid up for you.

Be the best original you that you can be. Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep praying. Keep reading. Keep seeking after God. Enjoy the adventure that through the Holy Spirit God desires to take you on.

What does it mean to you ‘to be original?’


2 thoughts on “Original

  1. Thanks for this reminder!! God has been working with me along these lines, especially in the writing realm. You may enjoy my latest post from yesterday entitled, “Living the Trashy Life”. I was led to write this and pray the person it was intended will take the time to read it. Thanks again for your faithfulness!

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