Tonight we will have had our final session with this years participants on the Xcel Future Leaders course. I absolutely love stuff like this. For over 16 years now I have been involved in some form of leadership development.

I began my leadership journey when I was 19, a similar age to many of those who have been a part of this course. When I reflect on what I was like back then, I am thankful for the investment of one couple who poured their life into me and helped me understand more about what it means to be a leader. Just as well really, because when you are 19 you feel pretty invincible and don’t consider that you need to learn anything.

But here I am, just over 25 years later. The book about what I would tell my 19 year old self is being written and maybe this thought should go in it. After everything you have learned, and are continuing to learn, a question definitely comes to mind…

What’s next?

So you’ve finished a leadership development programme. What’s next? One thing is for sure, completing a course doesn’t make you a leader. It’s hoped that it has helped you and once you have reflected on those things, the question comes again, what’s next?

How will you continue to grow? Where do you need to focus your attention? What is the next challenge for you and who can help you with it?

Here’s another secret…that question never goes away. Whether you have been a leader for 1 year or 25+ years the question of what’s next, and all that is encapsulated within that simple question never disappears. It may just be that the complexity of the answer grows, which, ironically, is the reason for asking the question over and over again.

What’s next? Can you answer that in regard to your leadership?

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