I have had this thought today based round the word YET. Such a small word but a powerful one nonetheless. I know without a doubt that I have used this word as an excuse, a reason why I won’t do some stuff.

I’m not ready YET.  

I don’t know enough YET.  

Not for me, not YET.  

I don’t have time for that, YET I can find time for a whole load of other things. 

Or a hundred other statements like them. Just reasons that mean I might opt out, miss out or lose out.

But here’s the amazing thing. I don’t need to opt out, miss our or lose out even if I don’t feel ready YET and here’s why…

God’s not finished with me YET. 

YET, while I was a sinner Christ died for me. 

Like I have written on many occasions, living for God is mostly about one step at a time. I don’t know everything, YET I keep on walking. I’m not the finished article YET but I keep making myself available for God to use.

I’m trusting God for what I don’t know YET and in doing so, I’m not allowing any YETs to get in the way of everything God has prepared for me in the future. What do you think?

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