You know what it’s like. You’re in a meeting, then the combination of the warmth of the room, the level of the conversation, the topic being discussed and suddenly, without even realising it, you have zoned out. Let’s be honest, it happens to us all and if you’re anything like me, when you have zoned out your mind starts to wander and you begin to think about way more important things like food or some sporting event you have a vague interest in.

It’s going to happen and it’s probably alright, for a short time. Some might say that to close off all other distractions and wander can lead to a sense of clarity, genius moments perhaps.

However, in my time as a leader and a Pastor I have observed on too many occasions people who seem to live in a constant state of zoned outness. Life is passing them by and they don’t even realise it.

Have you zoned out?

Have you zoned out from your God-given destiny?

Have you zoned out from living life on purpose for the cause of God?

To zone out means to miss what is happening around us, to lose an awareness of the immediate. It’s as if we have gone offline, we have uncoupled ourselves from life and are headed somewhere else. I’m all for a distraction, a laugh, something to take my mind of the important stuff but not to live that all the time.

I think there are some things we would do well to zone out from. Sin. Laziness. Unkindness. Gossip. A lack of care. Unforgiveness. Controversy. Religion. Wasting time.

When it comes to the things of God I need to zone in. Life is not meant to be lived according to what I think is right. I need an increased awareness of what God is saying not to just not try and miss it altogether.

When it comes to the promises of God over my life I need to zone in. I don’t need to be worried, overwhelmed, fearful or lacking confidence. I need to focus on His word, meditate on it and the promises contained within it, all of which are for me, and that I can they are ‘yes and Amen’.

When it comes to fulfilling the call of God on my life I need to zone in. Love God, love people, love His church. When I zone out I do not perform well, I am not living out of my full potential. I need to zone in, to know who I am in Christ. From identity will come activity. From knowing I am His, how I do what I do will be different.

Only what we do for Christ will last. We only get one life so maybe it’s time to wake up, get back in the room, focus our attention on what God is doing right now and zoning in, getting ready, making ourselves available to play our part and enjoying the adventure along the way.

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