We are ready for all that God has for our future both as a family and as a church. I’m believing it’s a BIG future. So excited for the Xcel 2020 vision and privileged that I get to be involved in making it happen. 

5 things (in my opinion) that’s it’s going to take from me…

It’s going to take some daring faith. I might just have to make a sacrifice or two, with my time, with my talent and with my treasure 

It’s going to take collaboration. Me playing my part alongside everyone else. 

It’s going take some prayer. Can never pray too much. 

It’s going to take plenty of hard work. Got to just be doing something towards it. 

It’s going to take staying in church. Planted in the House we flourish. Sometimes to see a vision fulfilled you just have to stay put long enough. 

I just love being a part of building local church and happy to do whatever it takes. How about you?

One thought on “What Does a Big Future Take?

  1. Building my church is my passion, and, having just retired, it’s my life! Yes, time treasure talent … And more. My church (First Presbyterian of Hightstown NJ) is my family.

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