Some may argue that to look to God is foolishness, unnecessary even. It doesn’t matter though. God is on the Throne and He has set His King over His chosen people. Accept that or reject that, it doesn’t change that it is still true.

To be walking with God is to stay connected to God, to not be distracted by the many voices of the world or just the mutterings of well-meaning friends and instead to recognise His place in our lives, His headship, that we are His possession.

Do not disconnect from the right King in your life. Do not dismiss the Lord as something that isn’t required in your life. When we break the cord between ourself and God we lose more than we could imagine. So, as the Psalmist wrote, be instructed. [Psalm 2:10-12]

Stay connected. 
Protect that connection. Strengthen it with all your focus, determination and energy. 
Serve Jesus. With reverence.
Rejoice. In awe of Him. 
‘Kiss the Son’. This is to worship Him. To kneel before Him. To come not in fear but in faith. As a sign of covenant relationship with Him who is over all.
Understand that in this connection is life, the abundant life that Jesus said could be ours. That we are blessed as we trust Him and that in asking we will receive, far more than we could ever give God.

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